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Journaling through audio

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Humans invented writing as a way to record our voices. The new medium, with its infinite possibilities of expression, brought new messages. For all that writing can do for us, there is still something quite unique about the spoken word.

Now, it’s as easy to digitally record the spoken word as it is with the written word. Audiobooks, audio messages, podcasts are already part of our daily life. It is only natural that we can do it with our own voice.

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Good for when you are lazy

Voice recording is very handy when you are too tired to properly think and write into your journal. It can help you continue your streak on lazy days. Even the most free-form, spontaneous writing demands more mental energy than just talking to your phone.

Your voice is unique

You’ve practiced talking all your life. It has nuances, tones, and styles that no writing will ever substitute for. Also, some stories are just better spoken, rather than written. You can laugh, you can sing, you can sigh. You can have a lot more in your journal if you talk to it.

Your tone says a lot

You might not notice while you are talking, but those that know you the best definitely do. And that includes your future self listening to your old recordings. You will recognize in your voice an underlying, hidden emotion that you thought you were hiding so well. It doesn’t have to be far in the future. Record yourself, wait an hour, and listen to what you said. It is a great way to learn about yourself.

Good for practicing public speaking

As afraid as you might be about speaking in public, sometimes you just have to do it. The one sure thing that helps shy people and introverts (and extroverts, too!) conquer the fear of public speaking is practice. Recording yourself talking about important issues is a great way to understand how you talk when you are relaxed and notice what happens when you are not relaxed. The idea is that at some point you will be used to your own voice, and speaking in public will become much more natural.

With Quid Sentio, if you decide to share, your friends will hear your voice. They can add their comments in their voices too and help you tell a story. Sign up and start your own oral history.

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