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Journaling your old stories

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Journaling is mostly writing about your day. The sad part is that you can’t do it for the rest of your life that existed before you started journaling. The details of those past days faded away a long time ago in the inescapable fog of time. Still, you have memories. You have stories that are told and retold every time you meet old friends, stories that you tell yourself in the bed before sleeping in nostalgic nights, stories that you want to tell your children or grandchildren one day, or even those banal stories that you still remember even though you’re not sure why.

Why not write down all those stories in your journal too?

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Stories with your friends

Good stories resurface again and again when you are among good old friends. We create new special moments by remembering old special moments. We are living more out of the same life every time we tell or listen to a story.

Write them down in your journal so they last longer and reach further. You can share with friends and have them complete the story with details only they remember. You can also write personal stories because some of them are worth remembering, but they are too personal to share. Your own sad and intimate stories are also very important to you and they should be told and retold. In your personal journal, you can tell any kind of story.

Stories with your family

The stories that are retold in family reunions are usually a bit different than those told among friends. They are less about reliving a moment and more about perpetuating family history. They are tales of people that are no longer among us, being told by people that are getting closer to leaving us, and we should listen with care and kindness because we will be the ones telling them someday. They are always about the ways people lived, how they are or were. They’re stories about how the now grown-ups were as children, stories that present a whole new angle of someone's personality, character, and soul.

These stories are a treasure that’s worth having in your journal. They could be just for your own eyes or shared among your family as a more permanent repository of the history of your family for all.

Your book of life

All those stories add up and start to form a picture of your life, with all the important people that surround you. You just have to add the most important perspective of all, your own. A journal is a perfect place to transform those lasting memories you have about your life into stories you tell yourself.

They could inconsequential, like the day you crossed a long path of ants and, for some reason, that still occupies a small memory cell. Or they could be important and life-defining moments, like how you felt when you lost someone. If you can remember, they form part of you, and they can become your unpretentious biography.

Journaling is about understanding yourself, both now and in the future when you look back. Writing old stories is learning about your old self as much as about your present self.

Quid Sentio was designed to be a journal where you also add old stories. There is a title, you can edit the date, and you can add audio entries, recording your story in your own voice. Sign up here and start writing the book of your life.

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