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Sharing your personal journal

Quid Sentio is a shareable personal journal.
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A personal journal is... personal. It means that you write about yourself, for yourself, however you want. But that doesn't mean that you can't share it. It is your journal, you share it with whomever you want.

It is tricky to do it though, because even when you want to share something, you might not want to share everything. With physical journals, you end up not sharing anything. Digitally, you have a little bit more control over how to do it.

But why do it?

Sharing or not, here are other topics around journaling for you

Common stories

Most of our stories involve other people. Sometimes, you want help from them to recall a story, so you invite them to read what you remember and their pieces. You might just want to tell them your perspective on things, like reminding them how good you are together. Or maybe you just want to keep things in the collective memory.

You may share your telling of a story with the people who lived the story with you. Sharing your journal is reliving those stories.

Hard things

Sometimes it is important to you to share feelings — deep, complex feelings that want to stay hidden inside. It is up to you to decide if you want to fight this battle and share them, but if you do, doing it by writing in your journal and sharing might be an easier way to do it.

Sharing hard things through a journal can be a way to find emotional support. You can learn that people you trust may also have secretly faced problems similar to yours. You can find the energy you need to keep fighting.

Nurture relationships

The reliable banality of daily routine builds the lasting relationships of a fulfilling life. What you wrote might not be that special, or that deep, or that interesting, but it carries a little bit of who you are. By sharing these banalities of life with people you care for and trust, you are going a step closer to continuing living in the same path of life.

It’s not all that banal either. When you frame your daily life through a journal, some novelty always shows up. New subjects, angles, and stories can surface without you even noticing it — topics that would have stayed hidden while following the norms of social life. Your friends will learn more about you and your bond will grow stronger.


You can write entries in your journal as oriented by a trusted therapist. A professional can guide you on how to use a journal to improve your mental health. One of those ways is following writing prompts from your therapist and sharing what you wrote with them in the next session.

Quid Sentio is designed for conscious sharing. Everything you write is private by default and you have to individually select the people that can see each of your entries. Sign up here to start your shareable personal journal.

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